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主にGJ詰め | だいす


主にGJ詰め | だいす

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                                           Touch what’s mine

                                         And you’ll pay the price

                                             Of ℓσѕιηg what’s

                                                    Y o u r s.

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       I was created
                             to strip lungs 
                             of their breath
                     to destroy pretty little things
                     and burn them to the ground.
                                                 to bring the world to its knees
                                                 and hear my name spoken
                                                 only in fearful whispers

             I was created human
             but I was made
             to be
a monster.

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Assassin-Grimmjow because…uh

neither me nor xpiester333x could decide which version so here are both.

Sorry for overdoing it

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grimmjow —again by jiuge


grimmjow —again by jiuge

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the-flurry-of-dancing-fucks:[KICKS YOU IN THE DICK BYE]




no wait



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the-flurry-of-dancing-fucks:[KICKS YOU IN THE DICK BYE]


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Lealtad ||


A near breathless groan fell past his lips as he was kicked from his previous position; the drastic movement placing some tension upon his wound. The warm blood that stained the sand below now seeped into the back of his jacket, making his current posture that much more uncomfortable. Not that he had room to complain. This discomfort was nothing compared to that which ached and slowly emanated from the wound that marred his chest and part of his stomach. It was something he could recover from easily after some time, but at that moment, he could hardly move. He couldn’t even bring himself to stand. Yet he still tried anyway, a voice in the back of his mind pushed him on, urged him until he shakily rose.

However, his position was not fully straight. He sort of leaned forward as he struggled to maintain himself from falling back onto the ground. Weakness. If there was one thing he refused to show his master, despite the current condition he was in, was weakness. He’d already done so enough by getting to this point to begin with. There was no need to further increase his shame. Yylfordt managed to clear up his vision enough to focus his eyes upon the blue-haired Arrancar, opening his mouth as he began to speak out in response.

"—It was…Quincies. I…I…" He flinched slightly, placing the sleeve of his jacket upon the injury as to attempt to stop the continuous flow of crimson. "…I didn’t know they still existed. I thought…I was under the impression that they…that they had been taken out entirely.” The blond drew in a long, trembling breath as he prepared to explain what had happened exactly.

"I didn’t anticipate it. One moment they demand I tell them where the others are, and the next they launch their full on attack towards me." The Fraccion paused yet again, the shortness of breath really taking its toll on him. It was between that or the loss of blood; he couldn’t tell. All he did know was that he was growing lightheaded. It hadn’t been that much already, had it? Still, his willpower refused to give in. There was no way he was going to allow something so petty overtake him.

"I didn’t intend to let them pass into our territory, so naturally, I fought against them without hesitation. I managed to hold them off for some time, however…" He let the sentence trail off for he deemed there was no need to get into the details of how he had been taken out of the picture. "They left now. Who knows to where exactly? Although I have a feeling that this will not be their first and only visit.”


The Sexta’s eyes traveled through the struggling form of his fracción. He watched him as he stood up, his anger perfectly hidden under an expression of blank seriousness, even though someone like Yylfordt—someone that had lived with the hollow for hundreds of years—knew exactly the storm that was clouded under those cold eyes.

Grimmjow waited for his fracción to start speaking, not moving an inch. He was standing, at least. If he hadn’t gotten up, Grimmjow wouldn’t have doubted to crush his head under his foot. But at least he was paying respect to his king.

And then he started speaking. Stuttering, rather — the blood that was probably flooding the arrancar’s lungs was making it difficult to breath.

It was pissing Grimmjow off.  But he let him finish. Sort of.

"—It was…Quincies. I…I…"

"…I didn’t know they still existed. I thought…I was under the impression that they…that they had been taken out entirely.”

“Who cares who the opponent is!” Grimmjow finally exploded, eyes wide with anger, muscles tense, almost ready to pull his sword out. He couldn’t believe he had to be lecturing his own fracción like this after so long.

“You FIGHT them, and you KILL them.” Grimmjow stepped closer, not bothered by the fact that his sandals were now standing in the crimson blood of his own fracción. He was standing so close to him he could feel the struggling breaths of Yylfordt against his hardened skin. The other hollow continued his explanation, while Grimmjow listened surprisingly patiently. He didn’t give a shit about the details of the fight, but he did want to know more about the enemies that had managed to beat up one of his best fracción. Grimmjow could already feel his blood boiling with excitement. It was about time something interesting happened.

“This won’t be their only visit, huh?” Luckily for Yylfordt, there was a pleased smirk on Grimmjow’s face. He was distracted from his anger now, focusing on what would later grow into an obsession.

He would kill those Quincies.

“If ya can still stand, get back to Las Noches and get fixed.” Were the last words the Sexta said to Yylfordt. If he didn’t manage it back home, he wouldn’t be worthy of being under his command, and that, Yylfordt knew well.

Grimmjow was grinning when he disappeared from in front of Yylfordt.

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