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What do you think I’m trying to do? It’s not like I actually want to be here.

And ya think that’s my problem?”

Grimmjow turned at the new voice that spoke behind him, his eyes scanning the female’s face. He had never seen her before, but she stunk of Szayel.


Who the hell’re you?”

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            Nuisance…That is what he would be for Halibel, nothing else but a nuisance. But she knew it were more logical not to push his buttons further.


           "I haven’t stuttered, there is nobody else in here, therefore, I am speaking to you. But do not worry in replying or repeating yourself, I am already leaving.”


A piercing glare was the Sexta’s response. Yeah, he wanted the fracción to leave his presence, but he didn’t like one bit her response. It was almost insulting. 

Then again, he had better things to do than punishing undisciplined fracción. Such weaklings weren’t worth his time. 

He didn’t respond. Maybe he’d visit the Tercera later about this. She’d be a much more interesting oponent than her subordinate. Yeah. Definitely better.

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"And so rude. Just seeing what the commotion was all about."

"A buncha fuckin’ people suddenly showed up in my domain. The hell do ya think it’s gonna happen."

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                 No. He weren’t.

             ”Watch your tongue around Her…” 

Che, fucking useless piece of shit fracción thinking they can be ordering around.

Who the FUCK d’ya think yer talkin’ to, huh!?” Grimmjow loses his patience quite easily.

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"Is that a challenge, Sexta?"


"Surely you remember that i don’ fight weaklings. Ain’t worth my time.."

"Che, sure, use that fuckin’ excuse to get outta fights if ya want, Quinto."

"Lemme just tell ya it ain’t gonna work with me."

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              “As I said, delightful. Now how am I supposed to leave Lady Halibel’s tower without her command?”

"Then fuckin’ follow my command. I’m yer goddamn superior too, ain’t I? Who the fuck cares. Fuckin’ get lost.”

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